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9 Reasons to Adopt in Texas

Pregnancy is Not the Only Option

Infertility can be difficult, but there is still hope moving forward.

Infertility does not mean that you have to give up on your dream of having a family — adoption can be a path to raising a beautiful family. Here are nine reasons to adopt in Texas.

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1. Parenting in Any Form Can Be Fulfilling

Why do people adopt in Texas? Families may be drawn to parenting for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Having a home full of people they love
  • The desire to pass down knowledge and wisdom
  • To contribute to the world by raising children who can build a better future
  • Because they want to build a life-long bond with a child from birth
  • Because they want to help and teach a child through the stages of life
  • Building a legacy of love is important to them
  • To share in a child’s joy and exploration of the world

While adoption is unique, these reasons for having a child can be fulfilled through adoption just as easily as carrying a pregnancy.

2. Families May Carry Heritable Medical Conditions

While infertility can be difficult, in some situations people without fertility issues choose not to carry a pregnancy due to heritable medical conditions.

If you have a heritable medical condition, or have a family history of heritable medical conditions, adoption can give you the option to raise a child without the worry of passing on a genetically-linked condition to a child.

3. Pregnancy Can Be Difficult or Put Some Women at Increased Medical Risk

Another of the many reasons why people choose adoption in Texas (regardless of fertility) is difficult or medically risky pregnancies.

Some women love their pregnancies, while others find them extremely uncomfortable and suffer from pregnancy-linked conditions like severe morning sickness or preeclampsia. Doctors can’t always predict or control what your pregnancy experience will be like.

If a woman has had difficult pregnancies, or difficult pregnancies run in the family, she may choose not to carry a pregnancy.

In some other cases, women have conditions that make pregnancy high-risk (like autoimmune disorders, kidney disease, diabetes, or blood clotting disorders).  Families may have this reason in mind when they decide why adoption in Texas is a good option for them.

4. The Process of Adopting Can Make You a Better Parent

There are several practical steps of the adoption process that are helpful for almost everyone, including:

  • Getting expert help in creating a safe home environment for your child
  • Getting counseling individually and as a couple
  • Discussing long-term family plans
  • Taking parenting classes if there are things you are not fully prepared for

Additionally, the outlook that adoptive parents can learn to embrace to support their children may be helpful.

Many people have heard of an instance where parental expectations and reality don’t match up (for instance, a father who wants their child to play football when they want to do theater).

While every child is unique, some parents expect their child to fit a certain vision of the future because they share genetics. Families who learn to deemphasize the importance of shared traits and embrace healthy expectations of their children through the adoption process may be more prepared to support a child and their unique interests, characteristics, and abilities.

5. You Recognize that Family is About More than Genetics

Why do people adopt in Texas? While many people are close with family members who are genetically related to them, many people also recognize that family is not about genetics.

There are many family values that may be more important to you in a family than genetic relation, including:

  • Loyalty
  • Spirituality
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Selflessness
  • Tolerance

You can embrace all of these values and more as a family if you choose adoption.

For some people the idea of a “chosen family” may already be a part of their life and vocabulary – in some cases in addition to genetically related family, in other cases, as their primary family.

6. Adoption Can Support Women in Difficult Circumstances

There are many good reasons to adopt a child in Texas, and some of them are also selfless reasons. Some people may choose adoption because they recognize that there are women who are facing difficult circumstances who want adoption and see their child to grow up in a loving and supportive family.

In these cases, expectant mothers are often making a selfless decision, and adoptive parents can help them.

Not only can adoption help these women by easing their worries about caring and providing for a child, it can also help them through the process of pregnancy, give them opportunities to pursue other life goals, and provide resources to things like counseling and financial assistance for living expenses.

7. You Can Build a Bond with Your Child’s Birth Parents

Adoption is unique in part because your child can have a connection to their birth family. Open adoption can allow these bonds to play a meaningful role in your life as well as your child’s life.

As you meet your potential child’s birth parents, you can form a bond, and you may share in parts of the pregnancy and birth.

The closeness you share with your child’s birth parents will vary depending on the situation and their desires, but no matter what you will know that someone has entrusted you with one of the most precious gifts imaginable — a member of your family.

These bonds can be a meaningful source of connection for you and for your child.

8. There are Children Who Need Loving and Supportive Families

Another reason why some people choose adoption is that they know there are children in the world who need loving families.

Whether you choose foster care adoption, domestic infant adoption, or international adoption, you have the opportunity to provide a child a lifetime of love and opportunities that they may not have otherwise.

9. Adoption can Balance Population Growth

For families who are concerned about the impact of a growing population on the world, adoption can offer an opportunity to raise a child without increasing the overall population. For some people, this is among their reasons to consider adoption in Texas.

When families choose adoption, they may see it as an opportunity to reduce their impact on the earth as well as an opportunity to raise the child they have dreamed of.

No matter what your reasons to adopt in Texas, adoption can be beautiful as well as complicated. American Adoptions has an experienced staff and 24/7 support to help you through your journey.

You can get more information by clicking here, and you can get connected to an adoption professional at American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION.

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