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Brandon & Krysta

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to view and consider our profile! Attention, love, and compassion are gifts that should never be taken for granted. We've experienced hard times growing our family and it has made a lasting impression on us. We believe that the most important thing we can do is to share ourselves, our guidance, love, loyalty, and security, with a family and child who may need it!

About Us

Policy Typist Recording Clerk
Title Examiner
Music, Mechanics
Bachelor's Degree in English Education & Sociology
Legally Married

How We Met

On Tour in the Czech Republic

We met when our bands crossed paths on tour in the Pacific Northwest. Our respective bands played a show together and we were both secretly impressed and inspired by each other! In the following months we continued to be booked on the same gigs and we became more and more friendly with one another. Looking back, we both felt like we would bring the best out of each other by sharing the stage every night. Years went by before we began dating but once we did it didn't take long to realize we were a great match. We both independently valued home and family as well as being active artists. We got married, bought and renovated a home together in Arizona close to Krysta's extended family, and tried many times to start a family of our own. We've had some very difficult times together, as we've struggled with infertility and the loss of our infant daughter. It has proven only to make our bond stronger. We still play in bands together, and we enjoy so many other experiences together. We're so hopeful that someday soon we will be able to raise children together!

Our Lifestyle

Brandon Presenting 'Ribs and Rods' a One of a Kind Instrument for He Built for Krysta

Brandon works from home in his office which doubles as the control room for his music studio. The walls of his hub are adorned with some of his favorite guitars and with framed posters from festivals and concerts that we have played.

Krysta also works from home in her own vibrant office which is enhanced by her beautiful indoor gardens. She usually starts weekdays crafting coffee or breakfast for the family and ends the day on a walk or hike with our dog Mavis.


Brandon writes and records original music and Krysta helps him bring that music to life! We play music in multiple bands together. Our bands allow us to travel often, both domestically and internationally, and that is something we're so excited to share with a child.

We also love to build things together. We both weld, woodwork, and design. We relax and watch movies, snuggle with our dog Mavis, and we jump at any chance to get out into nature. We spend many a weekend camping, hiking, and kayaking together.

Our Promise to You

Visiting the Olympic Peninsula

We have dreamt of you. We have and considered and discussed you and your feelings over the many months past. We try to put ourselves in your situation. We know it is tough to lose a child and we never want another person to feel that loss like we did. Our promise to you is that you will always be thought of and made to feel included. We understand that it is an incredible act of love and empathy that you've chosen. We understand that your gift to us comes from a selfless place, a place of strength and courage, and we want to be with you through it all. Our family cannot be complete without you. It is our promise to you that you will forever be a part of our family and a loving part of our story. You will not be left behind. You will be loved for who you are.


Krysta on the Big Stage
Krysta on the Big Stage
Hiking With Mavis in Sedona
Hiking With Mavis in Sedona
Brandon Thanks the Audience
Brandon Thanks the Audience
Building a Tiny Home on Wheels
Building a Tiny Home on Wheels
Meeting Our Niece's New Baby
Meeting Our Niece's New Baby
Atop the Pyramids at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Atop the Pyramids at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Friends Visiting
Friends Visiting
Harvesting Basil
Harvesting Basil
Brandon Holding Hand Casts From Our Daughter, Fern
Brandon Holding Hand Casts From Our Daughter, Fern
Krysta Golfing in Sedona
Krysta Golfing in Sedona
Krysta Photographing Tom McCall Wildflower Preserve, Oregon
Krysta Photographing Tom McCall Wildflower Preserve, Oregon
Our Favorite Tradition - Shopping For the Annual Toy Drive
Our Favorite Tradition - Shopping For the Annual Toy Drive
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Krysta on the Big Stage
Krysta on the Big Stage
2 / 12
Hiking With Mavis in Sedona
Hiking With Mavis in Sedona
3 / 12
Brandon Thanks the Audience
Brandon Thanks the Audience
4 / 12
Building a Tiny Home on Wheels
Building a Tiny Home on Wheels
5 / 12
Meeting Our Niece's New Baby
Meeting Our Niece's New Baby
6 / 12
Atop the Pyramids at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Atop the Pyramids at Teotihuacan, Mexico
7 / 12
Friends Visiting
Friends Visiting
8 / 12
Harvesting Basil
Harvesting Basil
9 / 12
Brandon Holding Hand Casts From Our Daughter, Fern
Brandon Holding Hand Casts From Our Daughter, Fern
10 / 12
Krysta Golfing in Sedona
Krysta Golfing in Sedona
11 / 12
Krysta Photographing Tom McCall Wildflower Preserve, Oregon
Krysta Photographing Tom McCall Wildflower Preserve, Oregon
12 / 12
Our Favorite Tradition - Shopping For the Annual Toy Drive
Our Favorite Tradition - Shopping For the Annual Toy Drive

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home & the Breathtaking Arizona Sky

We live in a quaint mountain town in Northern Arizona. We are gifted with a fun and merry bunch of neighbors who enjoy games, activities, and the chance for adventure! Our community is very supportive and welcoming to new families.

Tending Our Family Garden

Our home is recently renovated and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We have a large fenced backyard with a beautiful vegetable garden and an accommodating paver patio that we installed ourselves. Our yard is perfect for grilling, projecting movies on summer nights, and searching for constellations in beneath the stars! Our favorite rooms include our live sound room that we use weekly to practice and record music! We also have a lot of fun making furniture, musical instruments, and art in our garage space which we have transformed into a total creation station! We're both able to work from our home offices but also have the option of commuting less than 3 miles to visit our main office.

We live central to a bustling, beautiful downtown. The elementary and high schools are close by, as well as a community college, a renowned liberal arts college, a YMCA, and 4 astounding parks and lakes. We spend weekend hours just paddling around the lakes, having picnics, and climbing on the rocks to watch the breathtaking Arizona sunsets.

We picked the town we live in to settle down and establish ourselves because we knew that it would give us a good opportunity to start a family!

Our Extended Families

Some of Our Big Extended Family

We live in the same town as Krysta's parents and we visit with them often. We also love to travel to the Pacific Northwest to visit Brandon's family! Whether with our Arizona family or with those that we road trip or fly to see, we all enjoy games outdoors, table game activities, and playing music around the firepit! We have a very creative family and enjoy creating together. We like to utilize our collective musical talents to write and record original music.

Picnic With Family

During the holiday months, we get a lot of warm feelings and enjoyment from making food and participating in local events. Our favorite tradition is going out and selecting the coolest toys for our local toy drive.

What makes our family unique is our connection to the arts and music. Our commitment to music, visual art, and travel has expanded our family far and wide to include people from all around the world with many different cultural backgrounds. We are so grateful to have a vast and diverse network of friends to teach their values and traditions to us and a child. We find our lives are enriched when immersing ourselves in cultures different from our own.

Our huge family is so supportive of our plan to adopt! We are all thrilled to expand our family in this unique and exciting way together.

From Us to You

We are so very grateful for your consideration of us as the guardians of your most precious and lovely treasure. Thank you for allowing us to share a little of our story with you. We met each other in 2009 while performing in our respective bands at a concert together. We didn't know it then, but over the course of the following years, sharing the stage together and appreciating each other's creativity, we started to realize that our best selves were brought to the surface when we worked together. We brought the greatest potential out of each other. It was undoubtable and compelled us to see how far that could go.

We started dating in 2013 and were married in 2015. We have always been very long term planners and understand the other's need for direction and transparency. We both knew that we wanted to have children in our lives and were driven to prepare for introducing another life into the world. We have experienced great struggle with sustaining pregnancy. After many pregnancy failures, the journey to have a baby of our own ultimately concluded with the birth and passing away of our infant daughter, Fern, who had a rare and incurable condition. Our hearts and minds have been forever changed by this experience. While we often reflect on the very precious life we lost, we are also often reminded of all that we have gained through the experience of trying to grow our family. Not without anguish could our relationship have had the opportunity to grow so incredibly strong. Not without sorrow could we have been shown such compassion or have been gifted such powerful love and support from so many. We have been aptly guided toward you and shown that through adoption our story of parenthood doesn't have to end. Our hearts again can sing as we dream together.

Our losses have given us the perspective of knowing what it is to say goodbye to a child. We know that we never want anyone to feel that. It is our oath to you that we will do all in our power to ensure you that you will not have to feel that way. In entrusting us as the protectors of your dear baby you are gaining our strength and love. Together we can overcome the adversity that has touched our lives and left its residue on our hearts. Our hope is that you can know that in granting us this most cherished duty, you have not only given a boundless future to your baby but you have also given us new meaning and a purpose.

It is our commitment to you to hold you and speak of you in the highest regard. The invitation of open arms, hearts, communication and connection will always be extended should you wish to accept us in your life. We look forward to sharing letters and photos as well as visits and to building a strong and inclusive family. We have so much reverence and appreciation for your most difficult decision. We acknowledge your selflessness, and we will honor your courageous decision for the rest of our lives. With warmth and earnestness, we thank you for your consideration and your dedication to your child. We would be the luckiest couple to earn the honor of your blessing.

Brandon & Krysta


Michael Shannon
Matthew McConoughey
Hope Davis
Sigourney Weaver
Stephen King
Hunter S. Thompson
No Country For Old Men
Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe
Candy Bar
King Of The Hill
The Real Ghostbusters
Childhood Memory
Recording Comedy Skits And Songs With Mom And Brothers
Waterskiing With Family
Childhood Toy
Spawn Action Figure
ET Figurine
Children's Book
Go Dog Go By Dr. Seuss
Sam's Sandwich
Leiden, Netherlands
Prague, Czech Republic
Classic Movie
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Day of Week
Peach Pie
Disney Movie
101 Dalmations
Hocus Pocus
Dream Car
Pontiac GTO Judge
VW Beetle
Dream Job
Children's Music School Teacher
Marine Biologist
Dream Vacation
Southern Germany Road Trip
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Ice Cream
Form of Exercise
Playing Music
Valentine's Day
Holiday Song
Up On the Housetop By Gene Autry
Carol Of The Bells
Holiday Tradition
Giving To Charities Around The Holidays
Giving To Salvation Army Christmas Angels/Toys For Tots
Ice Cream
Butter Pecan
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching Movies
Maximum Rocknroll
Memory with a Child
Waterpark With Niece And Nephew
Finding Macro Invertebrates In The Stream With My Students
Memory with Spouse
Building Our Shuttle Bus Conversion
White Water Rafting At The Grand Canyon
American Heart
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Right around that corner, there is a sandwich shop. They sell meatball sandwiches, best I've ever tasted. Would you go get me two? C'mon partner, Two? Thank you...Utah! Get me two!" From Point Break
"If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer" From Ace Ventura
Movie Type
West Side Story
The Phantom Of The Opera
Musical Group
The Kinks
Green Day
Nursery Rhyme
Teddy Bear's Picnic
The Muffin Man
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Roy Orbison
Mr. Rogers
Of Mice And Men
The Crucible
W.H. Auden
Quality about my Spouse
Thoughtfulness And Devotion
"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" - Albert Einstein
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi
Thai Basil
Tempe Lettuce Tomato
Sweet Potato Sandwich
1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Shopping Store
The Trading Musician Seattle
Paxton Gate
I Remember You By Frank Ifield
They Say I'm Different Betty Davis
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Monster Trucks
Sports Star
Macho Man Randy Savage
Magic Johnson
Sports Team
The Legion Of Doom From WWF Circa 1980's
LA Lakers
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Soups And Stews
Stir Fry
Time of Day
Giving To Charities Around The Holidays
Gathering With Family
TV Show
The Wonder Years
Forensic Files
TV Show Character
Dale Gribble From King Of The Hill
Data From Star Trek
Type of Music
British Invasion Mod Rock
Vacation Spot
Portland, Maine
San Cristobal, Mexico
Video Game
Contra III
Donkey Kong Country

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