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Is Texas an Adoption-Friendly State?

The adoption process can seem daunting at first, but adoption-friendly states make it easier, as do adoption agencies. Here at our agency, you can complete your entire adoption journey under one roof.

Only you can know if adoption is right for your situation, but adoption is always an option. No matter what the adoption process looks like, whether you’re in an adoption-friendly state or not, we’ll be there for every step.

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What Is an Adoption-Friendly State?

An adoption-friendly state is one that has passed laws to make adoption an easy, straightforward process. And with our agency, we’ll make the adoption process as smooth as possible for you.

We’ll make sure you understand these five steps for placing your baby for adoption in Texas:

  • Step 1: Choose adoption

  • Step 2: Create an adoption plan with our agency

  • Step 3: Find the perfect adoptive family for your baby

  • Step 4: Create the hospital birth plan

  • Step 5: Complete the adoption and begin life as a birth parent

The adoption process can be difficult and confusing to understand. That’s why working with a full-service, national adoption agency like ours an easy choice.

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Is Texas a Friendly Adoption State?

Although Texas isn’t listed as an adoption-friendly state, there are no requirements for “giving a baby up” for adoption. People from all walks of life choose adoption for deeply personal reasons. Adoption in Texas is always an option for you.

“Giving up” your baby for adoption is not “giving up” on them. In fact, “giving up” is the last thing you’re doing. People from all walks of life choose adoption for different reasons.

Adoption benefits all parties involved, including you. Choosing adoption means:

  • You want to give your baby the best life possible.

  • Adoptive parents will be able to start or add to their family.

  • Your baby will get the gift of a loving and supportive family.

Understanding your state’s adoption laws is an important part of the process. It can directly affect how the adoption plays out.

Knowing the adoption requirements for the agency you work with is important, too, as they can be different than state laws. Most agencies, ours included, complete adoptions for children up to the age of 4. But we’ll work with any type of adoption on a case-by-case basis.

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Here are four adoption laws in Texas you should know:

Who Can Adopt in Texas?

Any hopeful adoptive family in Texas must complete a home study and go through background checks. All adoption-friendly states have these requirements in order to be able to adopt.

As far as who can adopt in Texas, any adult may adopt. State laws do not specify an age minimum or age limit. You don’t have to be married to adopt, but a married individual cannot adopt a child on their own. It must be with their spouse.

There are no state laws regarding same-sex adoption. LGBTQ+ parents are always welcome to adopt with our agency.

Who Can Be Adopted in Texas?

Anyone can be adopted, this is true in most adoption-friendly states, but there are stipulations based on age in Texas

Minors in Texas must have their parental rights terminated before they can be adopted. With state laws, there is a 48-hour revocation after you have given birth where you can give your consent to terminate parental rights. The consent paperwork must be signed by two witnesses and verified by someone authorized to take oaths.

Consent for adoption in Texas is also required for adult adoption and children aged twelve and older.

Texas Adoption Laws for Advertising

Adoption advertising is used to help you and hopeful adoptive families find the perfect match.

In Texas, it’s illegal for birth parents or adoptive parents to advertise in regard to adoption. Only adoption professionals can advertise for adoption in Texas on behalf of those who choose adoption.

That’s why working with a national, licensed agency like ours is an easy decision, whether you’re in an adoption-friendly state or not. As a licensed agency, we are monitored and regulated by governing bodies to ensure the services we provide are accurate and honest.

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Texas Adoption Laws for Birth Parent Expenses

You cannot be paid to place your baby up for adoption or with a family. That’s illegal and no adoption-friendly states allow it.

But there are laws in place that allow for hopeful adoptive families to help you out with the expenses that come with pregnancy.

Our agency, and the adoptive family you choose for your baby, will be responsible for covering 100% of your adoption- and pregnancy-related expenses in Texas. We’ll cover:

  • Prenatal care, pregnancy and birth expenses for you and your baby

  • Reasonable living expenses such as rent, bills, groceries and more

  • Your adoption attorney fees

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What States Are the Most Adoption-Friendly?

Knowing your state’s laws and regulations for adoption is important for your journey. Some states have more adoption requirements than others. Other states have different time limits on things like the revocation period that can affect the adoption process too.

Although not specifically listed, Texas shares many characteristics of most adoption-friendly states like:

  • No laws stating an adult must be married in order to adopt

  • Any adult being able to adopt

  • Same-sex couples being able to adopt

Regardless of the most adoption-friendly states, our agency is here for your adoption in Texas. In addition to decades of experience with adoption, we’ve got firsthand knowledge, too.

Our staff comprises birth mothers, adoptive families and adoptees. We’ll put that knowledge to work for you to make sure your adoption is everything you want it to be.

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