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Adoption Rights for Birth Mother's in Texas [The Legal Adoption Process]

How American Adoptions of Texas Protects Your Adoption Rights

When placing your child for adoption in Texas, you have certain birth mother adoption rights under state adoption laws. When you work with American Adoptions of Texas, those rights are protected.                          

Adoption is an incredibly loving and heroic act a birth mother like you makes. The opportunity you’re giving your child to have a loving family is life-changing, not only for the child but for you and the adoptive family you choose. 

Adoption can also be tricky, particularly as it relates to adoption legal rights in Texas.  

That’s why we think it’s important to not only provide you with adoption specialists that can handle your every adoption need, but also connect you with trusted adoption attorneys ready to handle every step of the Texas legal adoption process. Your attorney will both inform you of your adoption rights in Texas, but work diligently to ensure your adoption rights are protected. 

Before we continue, it’s important to understand that the information provided in this guide is not intended to be used as legal advice.  

You can contact our agency by calling 1-800-ADOPTION to learn more about adoption rights in Texas as well as get connected with a licensed adoption attorney better able to represent your adoption, provide legal advice and protect your birth mother rights in open adoption.  

American Adoption of Texas is here to Protect You 

While this guide to adoption rights in Texas isn’t intended to provide you with legal advice for adoption in Texas, it is here to help you better understand Texas adoption laws and let you know we are here to help connect you with trusted professionals that can use their expertise to protect your birth mother parental rights

When you work with our agency, we do the leg work of providing you with licensed and ethical legal representation to ensure you are fully aware of your adoption rights in Texas and to protect those rights throughout the adoption process as well as post-placement. 

Our trusted and experienced adoption specialists are always here to speak with you when you call 1-800-ADOPTION. We can answer questions you have about the legal adoption process and birth mother rights in open adoption. 

We can also help you get your Texas adoption started today and provide you with adoptive family profiles to help you find the perfect match for your child. 

What are Texas Adoption Laws? [How They Impact Your Adoption in Texas] 

Every state has adoption laws. Many of those laws are the same across the board; however, some states have nuanced differences that require the services of a licensed and experienced adoption attorney. It’s important to not only know your state adoption laws and the legal adoption process but work with representation capable of protecting your adoption rights. 

Because every state has differences in its adoption laws, those laws must be followed to the letter, and your birth mother adoption rights in Texas are upheld for your protection. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the important domestic adoption laws and adoption rights for birth mothers in Texas  

Your Adoption Rights as a Birth Mother in Texas 

Wouldn’t it be a good thing to know your adoption rights in Texas? We think so, too. That’s why we’re going to cover some of the important birth mother adoption rights in Texas and focus on important state laws regarding adoption. 

Remember, you can also get more information on adoption rights in Texas by calling 1-800-ADOPTION to speak to one of our adoption specialists that can also connect you with one of our trusted adoption attorneys. 

Birth Mother Rights in Open Adoption and Enforceable Agreements 

Open adoption is the most common type of adoption. Because the perception of adoption has dramatically improved over the past several decades, birth mothers and adoptive families are choosing to stay connected and build lifelong relationships together

We strongly encourage all of our birth mothers and adoptive parents to engage in open adoption because of the numerous benefits not only to the parents but for the child long-term

Birth parents like Alyssa and John always get to determine the level of openness and contact they have with the adoptive family. When working with our agency, you get to do the same. 

“Alyssa and I felt so privileged to have such amazing support from American Adoptions,” said Josh, Cassius’s birth father. “We couldn’t believe how fortunate we were to make the choices of who would adopt Cassius, what sort of contact we might have, and how regularly we might have contact. To have that kind of control over the situation made all the difference for us.” 

As far as the legal adoption process is concerned, you have birth mother rights in open adoption. Typically, the contact with the adoptive family post-placement is agreed upon by both parties. In “semi-open” adoption where the contact is much less direct and frequent, one of our adoption specialists can continue to mediate. 

However, once the adoption is complete, you will move forward with the adoptive family based on your verbal agreement for the amount of contact and the type of communication you prefer to use. Because you are in control of your adoption, you get to choose both the level of communication you have and what forms of communication you feel are best. 

Many of our birth mothers tend to utilize phone calls, emails, video chat, texting or in-person visits to stay in contact with their child and the adoptive family. 

When it comes to birth mother rights in open adoption, you can also sign a contract agreement, sometimes known as enforceable agreements. In the state of Texas, however, those agreements are only legally enforceable under certain circumstances. 

This is another example of why you need to contact our agency and get connected with an experienced adoption attorney. If contact is lost or your verbal and/or written agreement is broken, a judge will need to determine if it’s legally enforceable. 

Get more information on parental rights after you give up a child for adoption and enforceable contract agreements by calling 1-800-ADOPTION

Remember, this information is not intended to serve as legal advice. You need to work with a licensed adoption attorney that can help protect your adoption rights in Texas. 

Consenting to Adoption in Texas 

Once you’re at the hospital for labor and delivery, you will eventually sit with your adoption specialist and adoption attorney and complete your Texas adoption paperwork

This is an important aspect of the legal adoption process as the completion of your paperwork no earlier than 48 hours after the birth of your baby constitutes your legal consent to the adoption.  

Up to your hospital stay and before the time of completing your adoption paperwork, you can change your mind at any time. In Texas, once your paperwork is completed and you’ve given legal consent, your adoption is permanent.  

You are in control of your adoption, so your birth mother adoption rights in Texas allow you to change your mind at any time up until the completion of your adoption paperwork

If at any point you are having second thoughts, speak to your adoption specialist to get 24/7 support. We are always here to help answer any questions you have about the adoption process or provide information for your adoption legal questions. 

We’re also available to simply listen and be your support throughout the adoption process

Birth Father Rights 

You’ll also want to call 1-800-ADOPTION and speak to one of our adoption specialists about birth father rights. Whether the father of your baby is involved, uninvolved or unknown, he has adoption rights in Texas. Your adoption specialist and adoption attorney can get you more information, as Texas has specific adoption laws related to the rights of the birth father. 

You are in Control of Your Adoption and You Have Birth Mother Rights in Texas 

Do you want full control over your adoption plan, choosing the adoptive family and how much contact you have with them?  

You get to control everything about your adoption in Texas by choosing our agency. You also get connected with a trusted, ethical and experienced adoption attorney that can make sure that you know the legal adoption process in Texas and that your birth mother adoption rights in Texas are protected at every turn. 

We’re excited for the opportunity to work with you, provide you support and adoption services that include making sure your adoption rights are upheld both during the adoption process, as well as post-placement. 

Our goal is to make sure your entire adoption is protected, safe and smooth. You can always get more information on your adoption rights, the legal adoption process and state laws regarding adoption when you call 1-800-ADOPTION

Because the information in this guide is not intended to serve as legal advice, contact us today to get connected with an adoption attorney ready to guide you through the legal adoption process. 

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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