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Placing Children for Adoption Together in Texas

Adoption for Sibling Pairs

If you’re considering giving children up for adoption but worried about keeping siblings together, you can breathe easy knowing American Adoptions of Texas never separates siblings in adoption.                                    

  • When deciding to give your children up for adoption, it’s important to keep siblings together. 
  • We will always make sure siblings stay together when helping you place multiple children for adoption in Texas. 
  • We work with hundreds of families ready to adopt sibling pairs. 

If you’re wondering how to give children up for adoption in Texas because your circumstances don’t allow for parenting and you’ve decided putting your kids up for adoption is a better option, you’ve come to the right place. 

We have more than 30 years of experience helping birth parents create a better future for themselves and their children through adoption in Texas. We’re excited for the opportunity to help you do the same for your children and to make sure they stay together and find the perfect adoptive family

First, it’s important to understand that you are never “giving up” when giving up kids for adoption in Texas. You are making the loving and heroic decision to give them the best possible future

Before you continue with our guide for giving children up for adoption and how our agency always ensures siblings stay together, call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak to a trusted and experienced adoption specialist to get more information on adoption in Texas and how to place children up for adoption without separating them. 

Deciding Adoption is Right for You [We’re Here for You] 

Because we’ve worked with thousands of birth mothers, we know many different circumstances in life make parenting impossible. Finances, a desire to finish your education, career goals or simply the thought of, “I don’t want my children,” are all common reasons why you might consider adoption in Texas. 

We also know that regardless of your circumstances or reasons for choosing adoption, we’re going to be there for you every step of the way. That includes helping you place multiple children for adoption in Texas. 

So, how do you know if adoption is the right decision? Ultimately, only you can decide that. We are here to tell you that an adoption is always an option for you and we can provide you with support, services and hundreds of adoptive families from across the country hopeful for the chance to adopt your children. 

Janelle knew she wasn’t in a position to give her children the life they deserved and chose to find them a loving family that could. 

“It was super tough at first, but I knew it was what needed to happen, that we weren’t in the right place and it wasn’t the right environment to bring two babies into,” said Janelle. “[There was] no hesitation going into the adoption process... I already loved the babies, even though they weren’t born, and I knew that’s what they needed” 

Because many of us are adoptive parents, birth mothers and adoptees, we recognize how life-changing adoption can be. We want you to experience the same joy of creating a better future for you and your children, as well as giving an adoptive family the amazing gift of building a family through adoption. 

If you need more information on adoption in Texas, the process of giving kids up for adoption in Texas and how to make sure siblings stay together, call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak to one of our adoption specialists to get all of your questions answered. 

You can also begin viewing our online adoptive family profiles to search for the perfect family for your children. 

Keeping Siblings Together in Adoption [Why it’s Important] 

When putting kids up for adoption in Texas, it’s important to keep them together and find an adoptive family ready to adopt sibling groups. By staying together, siblings can support each other, help each other cope with the transition of adoption and maintain the important trusting connection siblings have with each other. 

No matter what you might read about siblings in adoption faring better when separated, it’s important to know that couldn’t be further from the truth. There has been extensive research to show that keeping sibling groups together is highly beneficial when placing children for adoption. 

As your adoption agency, we will always make sure you find an adoptive family ready to give sibling groups a home when putting kids up for adoption in Texas. You can get more information on the importance of keeping siblings together as well as how you can place children up for adoption together in Texas by calling 1-800-ADOPTION

How American Adoption of Texas Helps You Place Children for Adoption Together in Texas

Because keeping siblings together is so important, we work with families from across the country that are ready to give a loving home to sibling groups, like Kim and Dave who adopted siblings from Casey after she had twin boys. 

“The way I knew they were the family for my birth sons was when we went to the park,” Kim said. “The boys wanted to go down the slide, and their dad took the initiative not to take them up to the slide by themselves but to go down the slide with them. That’s the type of parent I wanted for them: hands-on parents that would interact with them. That’s what told me they were the perfect family for my boys.” 

Casey, a birth mother who worked with American Adoptions, tried to parent her twin boys but realized her circumstances didn’t allow her to give them the life they deserved. If you find yourself in a similar situation to Casey, we want you to know that there are loving parents, like Kim and Dave, waiting.  

When you work with our agency, you have control over the adoption process including choosing the family that fits your profile and vision for what the perfect adoptive parents look like. This gives you peace of mind knowing the family you choose is perfectly suited for raising your children. 

You’ll get the benefit of having: 

  • An adoption specialist that can help you create an adoption plan built around your every need and expectation for your Texas adoption experience 
  • 24/7 support when placing children for adoption together in Texas
  • Control over the level of openness you prefer to have with the adoptive family 
  • The potential for financial assistance for living expenses 
  • And more 

While our agency specializes in placing newborns and infants, we can assist with some toddler and older child placements on a case-by-case basis. We are prepared to provide the services and support you need for children who are under 4 years old, including when you need to place multiple children for adoption together. You can always call 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information about your exact situation. 

The loving and heroic decision you’re making to put your children up for adoption in Texas is a chance to create a better future for everyone involved. We can’t wait for the opportunity to help guide you through that process and provide you with the support and services you need to find an amazing adoptive family. 

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