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5 Things You Need to Know About Adoption in Texas [How Adoption Works]

Creating a Better Future Through Adoption

Sometimes circumstances in life don’t allow for parenting. Luckily, adoption in Texas is always an option, and hundreds of families are waiting for the chance to adopt. 

  • The process of adoption is safe and smooth when you work with the right agency. 
  • We’ve helped prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents for more than 30 years
  • Adoption creates a better future for everyone involved, especially the child. 

Regardless of why a birth mother decides parenting her child isn’t an option, or what motivates hopeful parents to pursue this process, adoption is always an option. You can look through hundreds of available adoptive families ready for the chance to give a child a loving and nurturing home. 

Whether you’re considering adoption in Texas or hoping for the opportunity to adopt, there are options available for adoption in Texas. 

Many of our adoption specialists are adoptees, adoptive parents or birth parents, and because of our first-hand experience, we understand where you’re coming from. This helps us ensure that your adoption journey is safe, smooth and changes the lives of everyone involved. 

You can begin your Texas adoption journey today by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or by filling out our free online information forms for prospective birth mothers and adoptive families interested in adoption in Texas. 

For now, here is a breakdown of five things you need to know about adoption in Texas. 

1. What is Adoption in Texas? [And How Adoption Can Be Right for You] 

Adoption in Texas is a decision that changes the lives of everyone involved. For a prospective birth mother, the ability to find a safe, nurturing and loving home for your child means you can feel comfortable knowing the future remains bright for both you and your baby.  

Meanwhile, adoptive families hoping for the chance to raise a child are given that gift, and they help birth mothers continue to focus on their goals in life without the burden of parenting. By choosing adoption in Texas, everyone involved benefits.  

There are several steps to the adoption process in Texas. When you work with American Adoptions, we guide you through each of those steps, starting with creating an adoption plan tailored to your needs and what you want for your Texas adoption experience. Our 24/7 support services are available to make sure that your adoption meets every expectation you have.  

If you’re ready to get more information on adoption in Texas or to begin your adoption journey, call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak to one of our adoption specialists today.  

2. What is Our Role as Your Adoption Agency? 

As a licensed adoption agency in the state of Texas, our job is to make sure every aspect of your adoption is taken care of and handled with care. You can complete the adoption safely and ethically with our support and adoption services.  

Our national presence gives us distinct advantages over most agencies, but we also offer local convenience for Texas residents with several in-state locations. 

Because many of our adoption specialists have adoption stories of their own, we understand the importance of offering support and services to make sure your Texas adoption is completed smoothly.  

These are just some of the many adoption services available to you: 

Our goal is to help our prospective birth mothers and adoptive families through every step of the process and have the best possible experience. Call 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information on how we can help you with your adoption in Texas. 

3. How Does the Texas Adoption Process Work? 

The process for adoption in Texas starts with you.  

As a prospective birth mother, you are in control of your adoption. With one of our adoption specialists, you’ll create an adoption plan based on your needs and what you want for your child. This includes: 

  • Choosing the adoptive family: Because of our national size and scope, you can find available adoptive families from across the country. You can also be as specific as you want in terms of personality traits, lifestyle choices, age, sexual orientation, religious views and more. Finding the right family is all about finding an adoptive family based on what you feel is important for your child. 
  • Get to know the adoptive family: Through what is known as open adoption, you can get to know the adoptive family you choose by taking part in mediated conversations with your adoption specialist. These conversations typically take place via phone calls, video chats or in-person meetings. This is the opportunity to begin the foundation of a lifelong relationship and the shared bond over your child. We encourage our birth mothers to have an open adoption to maintain a connection to their child for years to come. 
  • Create an adoption hospital plan: When it comes time for labor and delivery, it’s important we create a plan for your time at the hospital. Which members of your support team do you want at the hospital with you? Who will be with you in the delivery room? How much time do you want to spend with your baby? Do you plan to spend time with the adoptive family? These are all questions to address when creating the hospital plan for your adoption in Texas. 
  • Complete the adoption paperwork: With the help of your adoption specialist and the attorney provided to you at no cost, you will complete your adoption paperwork at the hospital to make it official.  

The Texas adoption process for adoptive families is a little bit different: 

Adoptive families, like Cathy and her husband, have discovered that the full services provided by our agency completely change the adoption experience. In some cases, prospective adoptive couples look for representation for various aspects to an adoption, independently. At American Adoptions, you’ll never need to look anywhere else for help completing your adoption journey. 

“We chose American in large part because of the insurance policy, and then, secondarily, the number of placements,” Cathy said. “We were looking at agencies that were smaller and closer to us… but the fact that we could get a placement potentially between three and nine months — and it ended up being less than that — those were definitely motivating factors.” 

The adoption process for you looks like this: 

  • Become active with our agency: Once you’ve decided to grow your family through adoption, you can complete our Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ). This document is the foundation of your adoption journey and what your expectations are.  
  • Complete your video profile: Our media team will help you create your adoption profile with you, which is the key component to the matching process with a prospective birth mother. Your profile video will give a prospective birth mother a better feel for your personality, lifestyle, home life and other important attributes that help connect the two of you before you officially match. 
  • Complete your adoption home study: The adoption home study essentially determines your readiness to parent a child. Your adoption specialist will take you through each step of your Texas home study and ensure that you pass it with flying colors on your way to becoming an active adoptive family. 
  • Matching with a birth mother: One of the most exciting moments of the entire adoption process is the day we call you with a match. After viewing your family profile video, a birth mother—with the help of the adoption specialist—will arrange the first meet and greet with you. This can take place via phone, video chat, in-person visits or any type of communication she feels comfortable using. 
  • Pre and post-placement contact: Once you’ve been matched, your adoption specialist will help establish the level of openness between you and your birth mother. We strongly encourage all of our birth mothers to be open in their adoption. Once this is determined, you will have contact and receive continued updates during the adoption as well as build your relationship and connection for post-placement life. Finalization in front of a judge to make your adoption completely legal will also take place.  

To get more information on the Texas adoption process, call 1-800-ADOPTION or visit us online to complete either the prospective birth mother information form or our prospective adoptive family info request form

4. It’s Time for Labor and Delivery. What Happens at the Hospital? 

When it comes time for your baby to arrive, you will follow your Texas adoption hospital plan. You will arrive at the local hospital you chose for labor and delivery and prepare for labor and delivery. Everything you expect during your hospital stay will take place under the direction of your adoption specialist. 

Adoptive families will be notified that it’s time to travel. Once you’ve arrived at the hospital, you will be made comfortable, often in a private room and will await your opportunity to meet your new baby! The amount of time spent with your birth mother and child is determined by the hospital plan. 

When it comes to completing the adoption paperwork, Texas adoption law requires 48 hours after birth before a birth mother can complete and sign her official consent. Out-of-state families adopting in Texas must wait for Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) to give clearance to return home with their baby.  

You can get information on your time at the hospital, as well as the process of completing adoption paperwork and the role of ICPC by calling 1-800-ADOPTION

5. What Are Texas Adoption Laws, and Do I Need an Adoption Attorney?

Each state has specific adoption laws. Prospective birth mothers are provided an adoption attorney at no cost and have every legal step of the adoption process handled by the best professional care. This includes completing the adoption paperwork as well as working with adoptive families with potential ICPC delays when adopting out of state. While some families look for outside legal representation, American Adoptions can connect you with the best adoption attorneys that will take care of every legal step of your Texas adoption. 

Having an adoption attorney to take charge of filing paperwork and navigating both state and federal adoption laws is an important support service for your adoption in Texas. These professionals will also help decrease wait times by making sure the legal side of the adoption is being taken care of professionally and ethically. 

With the legal aspect of your Texas adoption being handled by our adoption attorneys, you are well on your way to reaching finalization and completing your adoption journey.  

Are You Ready to Start Your Adoption Journey? We’re ready to Help You! 

Our full-service agency is ready to help you start your adoption in Texas. Adoption is a life-changing, heroic act that helps give a child the life he or she deserves while giving birth mothers a chance to achieve their goals without the burden of parenting, as well as making dreams come true for hopeful adoptive families. 

You can get more information or find answers to all of your Texas adoption questions when you call 1-800-ADOPTION. If you’re a prospective birth mother, you can get more information online here. For prospective adoptive families looking to become active with our agency, get free information online here

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