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Adoption Financial Assistance in Texas

How to Find the Financial Support You Need During Unplanned Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can change the trajectory of your life. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, many women consider adoption in Texas an attractive option due to the financial impact of carrying and raising a child.

If you’re already struggling to make ends meet financially when you become pregnant, you may ask, “Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in Texas?” Or, “Can you get paid for adoption?”

Each state has differing laws regarding financial assistance for birth mothers, and that can fuel confusion about if payments to birth mothers are legal. Trying to understand adoption laws by yourself while also dealing with the emotions of an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming.

You may have many questions about rules related to financial assistance for adoption, such as:

  • Is it free to put a child up for adoption in Texas? (Yes, it is.)

  • Is there financial assistance for adoption in Texas? (Yes, you can receive assistance.)

  • Do you get paid to adopt a child in Texas? (No, you do not.)

  • Is there housing for mothers putting child up for adoption? (Yes, you can find birth mother housing in Texas.)

  • Do adoption agencies pay adoption compensation for birth mothers in Texas? (No, agencies do not pay birth mothers.)

Considering placing your child for adoption? You should know that in Texas, financial assistance for adoption is legal, and it can help lighten the financial load of pregnancy and delivery. As you create your adoption plan, you’ll need to know what resources are available to help offset the additional cost.

The laws regarding birth mother expense payments can be confusing. You may benefit from advice from an adoption specialist to help you navigate the legal factors involved in financial assistance for adoption in Texas. At American Adoptions, we have over three decades of experience working with birth mothers, and we’d love to assist you.

You can get help today by calling 1-800-ADOPTION, or you can get free online information here. In the meantime, find out more about adoption financial assistance and the average cost of giving a baby up for adoption in Texas.

1. Is putting a baby up for adoption free in Texas?

For birth mothers who are considering putting a baby up for adoption, cost should never be an obstacle. Giving your child up for adoption is always free. Pre-natal care and healthcare costs can cause financial stress for an expectant mother facing an unplanned pregnancy. Piling on additional costs for placing a child would be burdensome.

The good news for birth mothers is that most costs associated with pregnancy, labor, and delivery can be paid by the adoptive parents when you choose adoption. Financial assistance for adoption in Texas allows for payment of many of these costs.

2. Do you get paid for putting your baby up for adoption?

No, you don’t get paid for adoption in Texas. Texas law prohibits adoption for compensation, and it’s against federal law as well. Adoption for compensation can result in criminal prosecution. When money (or anything of value) is offered to expectant birth parents for placing a child for adoption, it’s considered human trafficking.

3. Do you get paid to give your baby up for adoption by adoption agencies in Texas?

No. Offering or receiving money or anything of value for putting a child up for adoption in Texas is illegal. The source of the payment is immaterial. State and federal laws prohibit compensation to birth parents from prospective adoptive parents, adoption agencies, or anyone acting on behalf of a prospective adoptive family.

It’s important to avoid any prospective adoptive couple or agency that offers you payment that doesn’t comply with Texas laws regarding birth parent expenses. Accepting compensation for placing your baby for adoption carries steep penalties. It’s a good idea to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

That said, just because you don’t get paid for adoption in Texas doesn’t mean you can’t receive adoption financial assistance. Adoptive parents and adoption agencies willingly provide birth mothers with assistance to offset pregnancy-related costs and living expenses. And, even if adoption financial assistance in Texas is provided, the birth parents can always change their minds about adoption.

Any expenses incurred by the birth mother before, during, and immediately after the birth are allowable. You can request financial assistance through your adoption professional. At American Adoptions, we’re dedicated to helping you get the adoption financial assistance you need and deserve.

Be sure to speak with your adoption specialist at American Adoptions about navigating Texas law as it pertains to birth mother expenses.

4. Is there financial assistance for adoption in Texas?

In Texas, birth mothers are legally entitled to adoption financial assistance in most cases. The financial impact of unplanned pregnancy can include costs associated with medical care, prenatal nutrition, and lifestyle changes. As a birth mother, your ability to work may also be affected while you’re pregnant, which can cause additional financial anxiety.

Though you won’t get paid for adoption in Texas, you should know you won’t have to bear the burden alone. Adoption financial assistance for birth mothers in the state comes in a few allowable forms.

Adoption financial assistance for birth mothers helps to offset the costs of carrying and delivering a child. That can include things like living expenses and medical care costs for you and your baby.

Payment for birth mothers in Texas is allowed for the following categories:

  • Living expenses: In Texas, birth mother living expenses can be covered by the adoptive family or an adoption agency. These expenses may include birthmother housing, food, utilities, and other expenses that the court deems necessary.

  • Medical expenses: The cost of medical care can be burdensome for prospective birth mothers. In Texas, prospective adoptive families can pay for medical care and hospital costs for both the birth mother and baby.

  • Legal expenses: Legal fees in an adoption can be prohibitive for prospective birth mothers. Texas lets adoption agencies and adoptive parents to cover those costs.

  • Adoption resources: A good adoption agency is critical for prospective birth mothers. Agencies coordinate adoption opportunities and provide counseling and important resources for birth mothers. Potential adoptive families in Texas can pay for the costs of those agencies.

  • Other expenses: Even expenses that aren’t specifically covered by Texas law may be payable if the court deems them so.

5. Will American Adoptions help get me birth mother financial assistance in Texas?

For more than 30 years, American Adoptions has been helping birth mothers get the financial assistance they deserve. We are a fully licensed adoption agency, and we are knowledgeable about the laws regulating financial assistance for adoption.

Our specialists include birth mothers, adoptive parents, and adoptees. We know how much birth mothers need these financial resources. We understand that unplanned pregnancy creates financial stress, and we’re want to help you get the maximum adoption financial assistance allowed by Texas law.

When giving up baby for adoption, money can be provided to birth mothers for expenses. Those payments must comply with the state’s criteria for financial assistance to ensure that any expense payments are legal. Your American Adoptions specialist is your trusted guide when it comes to Texas regulations regarding adoption financial assistance.

6. What expenses aren’t paid by prospective adoptive parents and adoption agencies?

In Texas, state adoption law gives the court flexibility to decide which expenses are reasonable and allowable. While no specific expenses are explicitly prohibited by law, some expenses may not be deemed “reasonable” by the court.

For example, payment of a water bill is generally considered a reasonable expense. After all, public utilities are important for the health and wellness of the mother and child. That kind of adoption financial assistance is viewed as an everyday expense and payment is allowed.

However, providing a birth mother with a vacation cruise wouldn’t be allowable. It would probably be considered exchanging something of value for putting a child up for adoption. That example would constitute illegal compensation for placing a baby for adoption in Texas.

7. Where can I get more information about adoption financial assistance?

Understanding birth mother adoption financial assistance in Texas is challenging unless you have professional help. Your American Adoptions specialist is there for you, and has experience working with birth mothers. Your specialist will help you get the financial resources you deserve in compliance with Texas adoption law.

Speak to an American Adoptions specialist today by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or get free online information here.

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