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You Can Place a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Child for Adoption in Texas

How to Talk to Your Child or Children About Choosing Adoption

If you’re considering putting a second child up for adoption (or third or even fourth), we have helpful tips on talking with your child or children about the loving choice of adoption and how it creates a better future for everyone involved

  • You can talk openly and positively about why adoption for unplanned second pregnancy in Texas is the right decision for you and your baby. 
  • Your child or children can better understand the benefit of finding your baby a loving adoptive family
  • Through open adoption, you can maintain a connection with the family you choose and your child for years to come. 

Are You Overwhelmed by a Second Unplanned Pregnancy (or a third, or a fourth)? 

Do you find yourself asking these questions when considering your options for an unplanned pregnancy

“Is it “OK” putting a second child up for adoption?” 

“How do I cope with a third unplanned pregnancy?” 

“Where can I find unplanned 4th pregnancy help?” 

We are here to tell you it’s OK. You’re not alone. We work with hundreds of birth mothers already having a child or children and experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. 

Our adoption specialists are eagerly waiting to help. You can call 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information on putting a second child up for adoption, dealing with an unplanned third pregnancy or an unplanned fourth pregnancy. 

If you already have a child or children and parenting your baby isn’t an option, you can find the perfect adoptive family today. 

So, how do you cope with a second, third or fourth unplanned pregnancy in Texas? The following information will provide tips on how openly discussing your decision with your family can create a positive environment around your decision to choose adoption. 

Using Positive Language When Talking to Your Children 

It’s entirely possible that you’re just as concerned about how to talk to your child or children about choosing adoption as you are with how to deal with an unplanned second pregnancy. 

Not only is that OK, but it’s very common. We are often asked, “How do I explain my adoption decision to the children I’m currently raising?” 

First, it’s essential to understand that “giving up” a child for adoption is never “giving up” on them. 

You’re making a brave and loving decision to give your baby the best chance at life. In these circumstances, we’ve found that children are extraordinarily understanding and adaptable through open, honest and positive conversations about what adoption is and how it creates a better future. 

Birth mother Lindsey knows that she chose adoption in the best interest of Trinity and baby Charlotte and she wants to make sure her daughter understands that, as well.  

“It’s not something I want to hide from her,” Lindsey said. “There’s a way you tell a child about adoption and, as she gets older, I’ll tell her more and more — but it’s not something that I want to keep from her. It’s not a secret; it’s not anything I’m ashamed of.” 

When you call 1-800-ADOPTION, you can get connected to one of our trusted and experienced adoption specialists. We will help you create a plan for putting a second child up for adoption in Texas (or a third, or a fourth) and help you customize a plan to explain adoption to your children. 

Until then, here are some steps to talking about adoption with your child or children. 

Step 1: Talk to your adoption specialist and begin outlining how you would like to address your adoption decision. Our experience in working with birth mothers in similar situations allows us to help guide you through talking with your family. 

Step 2: Talk about adoption for your second unplanned pregnancy, unplanned third pregnancy or unplanned 4th pregnancy early on. Gradually introducing the concept of adoption in more general terms can help your child or children begin to get comfortable with the idea. 

Step 3: Use age-appropriate and positive adoption language to explain why you’re choosing adoption. Because many of our available adoptive families cannot have children of their own, you’re giving another loving family a special gift. 

When talking about your adoption decision, this is a great way to help your child understand that you’re doing something special for another family and that they will always be a brother or sister to your baby.  

Remember to be honest but to only tell your child or children what they need to know. 

Step 4: Give your child or children the opportunity to be involved in the adoption process. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with a second unplanned pregnancy, your children can provide you with additional support by getting involved in the adoption process.  

Because we have hundreds of online adoptive family profiles, your child or children can help find the perfect adoptive family for your baby.  

Maybe they have certain qualities they feel are important for their brother or sister. By calling us at 1-800-ADOPTION, you get to create an adoption plan that gives you complete control over the crucial decisions, including choosing everything about the prospective adoptive parents

Step 5: While you can explain your decision to choose adoption openly, you need to give your child or children the chance to express their emotions. The best way for coping with an unplanned second pregnancy, dealing with an unplanned third pregnancy or an unplanned 4th pregnancy, is by being open and honest about your feelings as a family. 

While these tips for coping with an unplanned second pregnancy can help you create a positive, open and honest environment around your adoption decision, additional resources can always be beneficial. 

Adoption Books and Movies Can Help 

Using every resource available to you can help navigate the conversation of adoption and why it’s best for you and your baby. 

We’re guessing your children love movies, so here are some moves that have adoption themes which you may find helpful: 

Are books popular in your household? Take this link to visit our blog on 12 adoption-themed children’s booksWouldn’t it be great to sit down with your child or children and read about how adoption can positively impact everyone involved? 

One book in particular that we strongly recommend is Sam’s Sister by Juliet C. Bond. This book addresses adoption from a young girl whose mother places her younger brother for adoption. One of the many benefits of this particular book is the explanation of adoption positively and reassuringly from a sibling's perspective that children can understand. 

Are you looking for additional resources? Call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to get more tips and suggestions for furthering the conversation of putting a second child up for adoption, adoption for an unplanned third pregnancy or unplanned 4th pregnancy. 

Adoption is Always an Option, and You Can Help Create a Better Future for Everyone Involved 

We hope our tips for explaining a second, third or even fourth unplanned pregnancy have been helpful. 

Most importantly, because many of us are adoptive parents, birth mothers or adoptees, we understand how life-changing and positive adoption can be.  

We also know that having the support of a trusted and experienced adoption specialist can help you with your adoption journey and gain comfort in speaking about your decision with your child or children. 

Adoption in Texas is always an option for you. Putting a second child up for adoption, choosing adoption for an unplanned third pregnancy or unplanned 4th pregnancy comes without judgment from us.  

We are here to support you, provide you with exceptional adoption services and help you explain your loving and heroic decision to your child or children. 

There are hundreds of birth parents experiencing situations similar to yours. We want to help guide you through your adoption decision, like Frances and Matthew, who chose adoption for three of their five children including their youngest daughter Jane, who continues to have an open relationship with Frances, Matthew and their two daughters. 

“[The adoptive parents] Chris and Courtney consider Matthew and me still Jane’s parents and my two daughters her sisters, also,” Frances said. “I think that’s amazing.”   

We can’t wait to help you with your adoption needs. Call us today at 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information, begin creating an adoption plan and start viewing adoptive family profiles

You can also ask Michelle, a birth parent and our resident birth mother expert who is ready to answer any questions you have about adoption. Get connected with Michelle online

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