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Can a Minor Place a Child for Adoption in Texas? [Adoption is Always an Option]

How You Can Choose Adoption as a Teenager

As a teenager considering putting a baby up for adoption in Texas, you have options, and we can help guide you through the entire adoption process.

It's essential first to tell you that you're not alone as a teenager considering putting a baby up for adoption. We're here to help you, and you can get in touch with one of our trusted adoption specialists by calling 1-800-ADOPTION

We have more than 30 years of experience with adoption for teenage pregnancy, and we can't wait to help you find the perfect family for your baby. 

We know you're reading this and asking, "How does a teenager give a baby up for adoption?  

First, know "giving up" a baby for adoption is never "giving up" on them. You're making a decision based on love and the desire to give your child the best possible life. We think that makes you a hero

Now, let's talk about adoption for teenage pregnancy in Texas, the pros and cons of adoption for teenage pregnancy and how we're there for you every step of the way. 

How to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption Underage in Texas 

We are often asked, "Can a teen give a baby up for adoption?" 

The answer is always yes, and giving a child up for adoption as a pregnant teen is no different from the process for an adult. Your adoption experience is important. You're making a decision that creates a better future for you and your baby

That's why we are here to provide you with the support and adoption services you need, including: 

With the support of your adoption specialists, you can begin your adoption journey following these critical steps:

  1. Create your adoption plan – You deserve to have a safe, smooth and life-changing adoption experience. It's essential that your adoption for teenage pregnancy in Texas. Has an adoption plan specifically tailored to your every need and expectation.  
  2. Find an adoptive family – Based on your preferred traits of an adoptive family, you can search our extensive database of family profiles. We want you to find not just a family but the right family for your adoption in Texas. 
  3. Decide how much openness you want in your adoption – Open adoption is the most common type of adoption. We ask all of our adoptive families to have an open adoption. We also strongly encourage all of our prospective birth mothers to have at least some level of openness during the adoption process and post-placement. 
  4. Complete your adoption paperwork – While at the hospital and with the help of your adoption specialist and attorney, you will complete paperwork that makes your Texas adoption legal. In Texas, you must wait 48 hours after the birth of your baby to complete your adoption for teenage pregnancy paperwork.  
  5. Post-placement contact – Through your open adoption, you and the adoptive family will continue building a relationship and bonding over your adoption. You can utilize various forms of communication to maintain contact and get updates on your baby. Because you're in control of your adoption, you get to decide the amount of contact you have even after completing your adoption. 

The support, services and process of adoption listed above are the same as what our older birth mothers experience when working with us. We will be there for every step of your adoption.  

So, as a teenager considering putting a baby up for adoption in Texas, we are ready to support you, protect you and help you find the perfect adoptive family for your baby.  

Are you ready to start your adoption today? Call 1-800-ADOPTION to create your adoption plan with us or get answers to your questions on how to give a baby up for adoption underage.  

While we wait to hear from you, here are some common questions we get asked about adoption for teenage pregnancy in Texas. 

FAQs of Adoption for Teenage Pregnancy and Choosing Adoption at Your Age  

Do you have to be a certain age to give your baby up for adoption? 

As we've discussed in this guide, there are no age requirements for placing a child for adoption. We work with birth mothers of all ages. Our goal is to help you find the perfect adoptive family and provide you with the support you need throughout the adoption process. 

Does a Minor Need Parent's Permission to Give a Baby Up for Adoption in Texas? 

Adoption laws vary from state to state, but if adoption is the right decision for you, permission from your parents to place your baby for adoption isn't required.  

We recommend talking to your parents to get on the same page and create a support team to help you through the emotional stress felt during the adoption process. 

Just know we are always here to support you, even if you don't have the support from your parents.  

Is Adoption Free for a Teenager Considering Putting a Baby Up for Adoption in Texas? 

Adoption is always free for a birth mother who feels it's the right decision for her and her baby, regardless of her age. 

Not only is it free to place your baby for adoption, but you can receive financial assistance for pregnancy-related living expenses in the state of Texas. 

Call 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information on adoption and the potential for financial assistance. 

Does the Birth Father Have to Give Consent? 

The relationship with the birth father is often complicated. Often, birth fathers are unknown in adoption. Whether your birth father is involved, uninvolved or unknown, you need to speak to one of our experienced adoption specialists about birth father rights in Texas. 

Call 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information on how your relationship with the birth father impacts your adoption. 

If You Give Your Baby Up for Adoption as a Minor, Could You Get Them Back? 

When you complete your adoption paperwork in Texas, and the adoption becomes official, it becomes permanent. You want to make sure you are 100 percent confident in your decision to place your child for adoption. You can talk through your decision and the pros and cons of adoption for teenage pregnancy with your adoption specialist. 

Will I See My Baby Again After the Adoption? 

The answer to this question is dependent on what you want. Because most adoptions are open, birth mothers can remain a fixture in their child's life in whatever capacity is most comfortable. 

Birth mothers like Randi have completely open adoptions with the adoptive family and get routine updates, pictures, videos and even in-person visits with her baby.  

"Every picture brightens my day. There are two things I check every day, the blog and my Facebook," Randi said. "When I see a random picture that she puts on there, it just makes me feel like she's not forgetting about me and keeping up with what she said she was going to do." 

"I love still being able to have that connection with Juniper. I get all jittery thinking about it because it's going to blow my mind when she's five and she starts talking. I can actually talk to her and have a conversation with her." 

You can have the same open relationship with both the adoptive family and your baby if you feel comfortable doing so.  

We Know You Want What's Best for Your Baby 

We can't wait to help with your adoption for teenage pregnancy in Texas. No matter your age or circumstances, adoption is always an option for you. 

Our adoption specialists are ready to hear from you. You can create an adoption plan based on what you want and what you feel is best for your baby, including finding the perfect adoptive family. 

Call us at 1-800-ADOPTION today!  

You deserve the best possible adoption experience, and we are here to provide you with the support you need

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