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How to Put a Special Needs Child Up for Adoption in Texas

You Can Always Choose Adoption in Texas

As a birth mother considering “giving up” a special needs baby for adoption in Texas, you have options. American Adoptions of Texas is here to help.

Raising a child can be difficult, but raising a child with special needs can make you question whether you’re ready to be a parent and provide for your child. 

If you're wondering whether or not giving up” a special needs baby in Texas is possible, the answer is yes. We also have families excited for the chance to give your child a safe and loving home. 

You can get more information on putting a special needs child for adoption by calling 1-800-ADOPTION to connect to one of our trusted and experienced adoption specialists. We can answer all of your adoption questions.  

Until then, we have provided this guide for “giving up” a special needs child as well as “giving up” your baby with major health issues. 

A Note about the Language Used in This Guide  

You might feel like choosing adoption is “giving away” your baby or “giving up”, especially when your child has special needs.    

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Adoption is a complex but loving choice that involves a great deal of effort, consideration and sacrifice. The decision to find your child the home he or she deserves makes you a hero.  

It’s for this reason and more that “placing” a child for adoption is the preferred term over “giving up” or “putting up.”  

These terms are commonly heard in everyday conversations typically because the person using them doesn’t know the preferred term. Similarly, you’ll notice language regarding children who are differently abled throughout this article. Many of these terms are not the preferred language, but they remain in the popular lexicon for now.  

We encourage you to learn about preferred terminology when it comes to adoption and children with additional needs. For this article, we use these phrases because they are commonly used and understood. 

Can You Put Your Autistic Child Up for Adoption in Texas? 

When it comes to “giving” an autistic child for adoption, adoption agencies primarily specialize in unborn, infant and occasionally toddler adoptions. Autism typically isn’t diagnosed until at least two years of age.  

Since every situation is different, we would love to speak to you about the potential for putting an autistic child for adoption. Depending on your situation, we might network with an agency specializing in adoption for children with autism.  

What about “Giving Up” an Autistic Child to the State Through Foster Care? 

You might also wonder about the potential for foster care. It’s important to note that you cannot voluntarily place your child for adoption through foster care

Foster care also removes the ability to determine what happens to your child. Wouldn’t you prefer to choose the adoptive family?  

By working with an adoption agency to potentially give up an autistic child for adoption, you get complete control over finding the right family for your child. 

What about adoption with a family trained to work with autistic children? 

Suppose you know a family who is prepared to raise a child with autism. In that case, there is potential for legal and permanent adoption. A trusted and experienced adoption attorney can help with this type of adoption. 

Remember, placing an older child for adoption should be considered a last resort. Older children who have formed a stronger attachment and familiarity with you may have a much more difficult time adjusting to his or her new surroundings.  

We understand the difficulties you are facing. We also understand you want what’s best for your child. If you’re constantly wondering, “can you “give up” an autistic child for adoption in Texas?” we’re here to help you by providing you with the resources you need. 

You can speak to one of our adoption specialists at 1-800-ADOPTION and get answers to your questions about “giving” an autistic child up for adoption in Texas. Let’s work together to figure out the best option when considering giving up an autistic child for adoption

I’m Considering “Giving Up” a Child for Adoption with Down Syndrome [Adoption is Possible] 

If you feel that putting a child with down syndrome up for adoption in Texas is the right choice, we can help you with your adoption.   

We work with hundreds of families prepared to adopt children with special needs, including down syndrome. You are in control of the adoption process. That means you get to search our extensive database of available families that match your specific needs. 

It’s important to make sure your child is going to the right adoptive family. Our national size and scope mean you get more opportunities for adoption with a family that perfectly matches your every need. 

If you feel that “giving up” a child for adoption with down syndrome is best, we are ready to guide you through every step of the process and serve as your support system.  

We know you’re making a loving and heroic decision to find a family better suited for giving your child the life he or she deserves. We’re ready to help. As with adoption for a child with autism, age does play a factor, as adoption agencies are often only licensed to place infants and toddlers for adoption. 

If you decide to parent, you may benefit from reaching out to local Down syndrome parenting groups to find resources that can help you parent your older child. 

Call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information on putting a child with down syndrome up for adoption. Our adoption specialists can’t wait for the chance to talk to you about your adoption in Texas

“Giving Up” Your Baby for Adoption with Major Health Issues in Texas 

Whether your child has a physical, mental or developmental challenge, you may be considering giving your disabled child up for adoption. Parenting can be difficult, and the feeling of not being in a position to provide for your child with major health issues can be overwhelming. 

By now, you know we work with adoptive families prepared to give a child with special needs a fantastic home. 

While we strive to help you find the perfect adoptive family for your child, we may network with an adoption agency specializing in working with children with special needs. 

Whatever it takes to help you with putting a special needs child up for adoption and finding the right family, we are here to provide you with the support and adoption services you need. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your child to have the best life possible. That’s why it’s important to recognize that placing them with an adoptive family who is ready and willing to meet their unique needs is a decision based on love. 

We think that’s heroic. 

Call us at 1-800-ADOPTION to get more information on giving a special needs child up for adoption in Texas. We are here 24/7 for support and to answer any questions you have about adoption in Texas. 

You and your child deserve to work with the best adoption professionals. We can’t wait for the chance to talk to you about your adoption options. 

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